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Many people, when they look back at their past love life, will note a trend towards the man being "cuckolded" at some point in the relationship. What exactly is this word used for and how does it relate to the workings of an amateur affair? There is no definitive answer to this, but this may very well be the most popular method that many men use to try and win over their future wife. But is it something that works or is this just a case of trying to win one woman over at any cost? This article sets out to set the record straight and give you a concise explanation of cuckolding and why it is still very much alive in the world of online dating and social media. Enjoy a cuckold chat website.

The word "cuckold" first came into popular use during the Middle Ages. It referred to the act of having a man sleep with his wife before she was married. It is thought that the term was derived from the French word "cuvaudelaire" which meant "of a blacksmith". However, it is also possible that the term was brought from the Japanese, where it was referred to as "sensei'subai". There is no definitive evidence as to who first used the word.

In modern times, cuckolding has come to mean having sex with your wife before you get married. For some men, this is more of an emotional option than anything else - women can be too cold and harsh for them and in their minds, it is a way of giving them a taste of what men do to them. For other men, cuckolding is a form of foreplay which they enjoy, but only when it is carried out with their future wife in mind.

So what are the criteria for determining if a man is a "real" cuckolder? Well, it all boils down to his own desires and priorities. For a man to be considered "real" or even "serious" about cuckolding his wife, he will have to have certain prerequisites in place, including his own bed size, his level of skill with firearms (for his safety), his willingness to cuckold his wife, his determination to cuckold her regularly until she is willing to submit to his will... and these must be met in order for him to even consider himself as a serious cuckolder.

For some men, the list of prerequisites might include some items that seem very unimportant to other men. A woman's weight for instance - a lot of men would view this as no more than a nuisance. Yet it is a vital criterion for many men who are serious about cuckolding their partners. If a man cannot satisfy his partner, he runs the risk of losing her altogether. So he needs to ensure that his partner satisfies first.

Another criterion that many men will have is a fair amount of experience with the art of cuckolding. Even if a man has only been in a relationship a couple of times, it is crucial that he has had enough experience to know how to perform properly. Otherwise, the amateur will have a lot to learn before he attempts to perform on someone who is experienced in the art of cuckolding. This can often be a very tricky situation for the amateur to try and perform on - especially since it is so difficult to see through the eyes of an experienced cuckoldur.

If you are seeking to find a man who is an amateur cuckolderer, you may want to look for one whose wife complains about him! This is usually when a man is feeling challenged by his wife, but you do not have to assume this automatically. In fact, it is far better to find a man who has never been accused of sexual harassment in his life, as this usually indicates a lack of sexual interest in his partner. More often than not, the woman is the instigator of the idea, whether it is from boredom, or jealousy. In a long relationship, when the husband is accused of being insufficiently interested in his wife, this can result in a break up of the marriage.

One of the best ways to find out if a man is indeed an amateur cuckoldur is to ask him directly. Most men are too shy to ask their girlfriends or wives in front of anyone, so asking him directly can give you an insight into his true feelings towards cuckolding. This can often lead you to an understanding of his desires for cuckolding, and how he feels about performing cuckoldry on other men. Not all men will be open to revealing their true interests, and some may even be too afraid to talk about it. As such, you may want to look for someone else to help you with this part of the search.